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Murakumo Arts

Murakumo Corp. The World of Balltops book (Volume 1 & 2)

Murakumo Corp. The World of Balltops book (Volume 1 & 2)

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These full colour, soft cover books celebrate the incredible diversity of arcade balltops from all the major manufacturers as well as lesser known and obscure sticks.

Beautifully photographed with great attention to detail, specs of the balltops are included as well as interesting facts.

The books are printed on quality thick paper and utilise the authors many years experience and involvement in print media.

Both volumes are perfect companion items for the arcade enthusiast and wider Fighting Game Community.

Volume 1 was created as a labour of love, yet sold so well that it necessitated a follow up Volume 2 due to the overwhelming popularity.

These books represent an opportunity to explore products you have not yet discovered. Both volumes are in Japanese language, however, methods of active translation are available on most smart devices nowadays to allow the text to be easily read and understood. 

Both volumes 1 & 2 are A5 sizing and 28 pages and 36 pages respectively.

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