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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa Denshi GT-Y Octagonal gate

Sanwa Denshi GT-Y Octagonal gate

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The GT-Y "octo gate" snaps onto a JLF joystick, replacing the default square restrictor gate. 

This octagonal gate allows an easier range of motion for the user to hit the corners of the gate which is especially useful in fighting games for special move activation. Also advantageous in shmups for equalised movement in all directions. 

Generally considered by many fans as a must have for the JLF joystick.

Please note: this item has now been discontinued by Sanwa, there is no guarantee of restocks. Alternatively you can order the following two items as an equivalent:

Sanwa GT-8X (modular restrictor) + Sanwa GTN-Y (octagonal gate insert).

Sanwa GT-8X modular restrictor gate – Close Quarters Battle Arcade (

Sanwa GTN-XX (GTN-VI, GTN-Y, GTN-R, GTN-B) restrictor gate insert for – Close Quarters Battle Arcade (

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