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OmniArcade PA12 nylon lever toppers

OmniArcade PA12 nylon lever toppers

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An innovative and functional set of custom lever toppers from OmniArcade (USA) manufactured out of solid nylon (PA12) using MJF print technology.

This nylon variant substance is a high-performance, high-strength alternative to the standard plastics like ABS and PA6 and is ideally suited to housings and enclosures. The material does not degrade from UV exposure and is extremely resistant to weather elements. The natural undyed colour of this material is a matte grey and features a grainy texture, useful for enhanced grip. It should be noted that the grey is not uniform in appearance and changes shades slightly in different areas around the topper. The nylon however can be dyed and in this instance, black has been chosen as the standard default colour. Once dyed, the material retains the grainy finish sporting a uniform presentation. 

The key advantage of amalgamating these nylon properties with the arcade and fightstick creative scene is for the benefits to user control options. The toppers have a natural grainy finish that results from the manufacturing process imbuing superior grip characteristics which will instil immediate confidence in the user.

The lightweight properties of the toppers will allow the user to feel microswitch activation through to the hand. In addition, overall deflection and rebound will be reduced and permit a delicate operation with a high degree of accuracy.

The pursuit of this material within arcade and fightstick applications is at the forefront of a new wave of user created custom and bespoke parts that can be made in small batches with unlimited creativity and quick turnaround. 

Currently available in two (2) styles, the “Atom” topper and the “Bean” topper in dyed black colouring.

The Atom topper is a fresh reimagining of standard control, by adding circular protrusions for increased tactile feel in the hand.

Atom details: 35mm diameter, nil recess, weight 19 grams

The Bean topper is an updated evolution of the venerable Neo Geo kidney bean arcade stick topper. This arcade stick was sold usually with the Neo Geo CD console and featured the one of a kind lever topper design. With the current interest in optimising performance via different lever topper types, it is highly relevant to re-explore the control advantages the Bean topper permits.

Bean topper details: 38mm widest diameter (original 32mm), 36mm length (original 29mm), 58mm height above panel (original 40mm), 5mm recess, weight 17 grams

(Note: these toppers have a standard M6 joystick thread compatible with all Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks. Standard weight of a Sanwa LB-35 balltop is 27grams)

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