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OTTO DIY V2+ modification kit for JLF

OTTO DIY V2+ modification kit for JLF

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This modification kit changes the operational performance of the Sanwa JLF joystick in a number of ways. The kit is precision constructed out of PTFE (ie. Teflon) and manufactured by OTTO DIY so as to simulate movement and feedback of a fast centering Korean style lever. Hence, this upgrade is well suited to 3D fighting games such as Tekken for instance.

The V2+ kit however, utilises Seimitsu microswitch assemblies (which are levered in construction) instead of the Sanwa plunger microswitch assembly. Use of a levered microswitch can give more iterative and nuanced control for some users and is a great way to explore Seimitsu style responsive characteristics without necessarily having to purchase a full Seimitsu joystick.  

This kit includes:

  • Two (2) restrictor gates - pronounced rounded edge and squared circle.
  • Stability spring
  • Bobbin with two (2) tension grommets – 40A and 60A
  • Three (3) actuators - 12mm, 12.5mm and 13mm
  • Grommet core and cap
  • Joystick modular body
  • Gold plated screw and nut set (requiring a 2mm hex key/allen key, not supplied)

(Please note: Seimitsu microswitch assemblies from the LS-32-01 and LS-40-01 are not provided and must be purchased separately. This kit can be fitted to the Seimitsu MS mount plate should the user require)

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