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Samducksa (aka. Crown) Circle/Square clear bat top

Samducksa (aka. Crown) Circle/Square clear bat top

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This clear red bat top has been ergonomically designed for enhanced grip within a wide range of hand positions.

The top most circular outer perimeter leads downward to an eight (8) sided symmetrical yet unconventionally shaped bat top. This is a truly unique shape currently within the wider available parts from the popular manufacturers. 

Achieved by squaring off a regular circular/capsule shape, this bat top has numerous flat surfaces for filling out natural crevices within the user's hand grip. This allows the user to explore new possibilities in gameplay enhancing hand positions and grip styles as well as the option of increasing stability of a known comfortable grip.

Specifications: 28mm diagonal diameter (25mm flat surface diameter), 51mm height, 5mm recess, 34g weight.

Available in clear red colour only.

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