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Samducksa (aka. Crown) CWL-309 Helpme K-KMS-ST35

Samducksa (aka. Crown) CWL-309 Helpme K-KMS-ST35

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The 309 Helpme is a silicone tensioned, levered microswitch joystick, manufactured by Samducksa.

Following feedback from dedicated Tekken players and stick modder Helpme, this joystick was created as a balanced model against the other joysticks in the Samducksa lineup. Therefore, this joystick offers the user a smooth and cornerless movement profile, suitable for sustained quarter and half circle activations, in addition to a swift return to neutral.

Features include; a default ST35 tensioned silicone (in white colour variant), Gersung GSM-V1623A3 microswitches (190g strength), Korean high collar for input accuracy and is fitted with the smaller and durable version 16.5 mm actuator for slightly faster engagement of microswitches.

Please be aware the high Korean collar will require a fightstick/arcade cabinet with a suitable shaft opening to accommodate the collar for correct mounting height.

(Note: Use of a .187 to 5 pin conversion harness is required if using the 309 in a fightstick that usually houses a Japanese 5 pin joystick):

Samducksa (aka. Crown) conversion wiring harness (.187 fastener to 5 p – Close Quarters Battle Arcade (

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