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Samducksa (aka. Crown) Shinsun 2D fighting game joystick

Samducksa (aka. Crown) Shinsun 2D fighting game joystick

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The Shinsun lever is an exciting collaboration between Samducksa and South Korean streamer/gamer Shinsun, a notable player within the competitive scene of the King of Fighters (KOF) series of fighting games.

This joystick represents the first specially designed Korean lever for 2D fighting games and as such, has numerous advancements to facilitate player transition from a Japanese joystick.

Firstly, the tension grommet is a specific designation of a light 15a (grey colour) which when combined with the 16.3mm actuator and Gersung A3 microswitches, provides swift/predictable return to neutral.

The upper collar is squared circle shaped which enhances smooth rotational input and affirmative diagonal input. Additionally, the restrictor gate is also of the same squared circle shape, adding to the confident movement directional stability.

The joystick features a balltop as standard to assist transition from the Japanese levers and is compatible with factory and aftermarket JLF/JLX dustwashers for increased individuality.

(Note: Use of a .187 to 5 pin conversion harness is required if using the Shinsun in a fightstick that usually houses a Japanese 5 pin joystick):

Samducksa (aka. Crown) conversion wiring harness (.187 fastener to 5 p – Close Quarters Battle Arcade (

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