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Samducksa (aka. Crown) silicone rubber grommet replacement (ST20/25/ST30/ST35/ST45 tension)

Samducksa (aka. Crown) silicone rubber grommet replacement (ST20/25/ST30/ST35/ST45 tension)

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A range of brand new silicone tension grommets, manufactured by Samducksa.

The grommet in a Samducksa joystick acts like a spring in a regular joystick, influencing all the usual characteristics important in joystick performance.

It is therefore important for experimentation and tuning performance in Korean style joysticks, that users have an appreciation of the following grommet tension ranges;

ST-20 (yellow) - is the lowest tension and softest grommet allowing a very easy control of momentum to any direction. 

ST25 (white) - is considered a low-tension grommet with a general stiffness slightly less than a default Sanwa JLF joystick.

ST30 (purple) - is considered a middle-tension grommet and it fitted by default to the CWL-309MJ-ST30 New Helpme. This grommet offers a slightly stiffer tension to the ST25.

ST45 (red) - is considered a high-tension grommet and will naturally have a tendency to require more force to engage the microswitch with a faster return to neutral position.

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