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Samducksa (aka. Crown) SDB-202 push button [Cherry MX Silver stem]

Samducksa (aka. Crown) SDB-202 push button [Cherry MX Silver stem]

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A solid coloured, mechanical switch 30mm screw in push button, manufactured by Samducksa

This push button is equipped with a Cherry MX Silver keyboard microswitch for a linear feel with no audible “click” feedback. This is a very sensitive button and activates upon even slight pressure against the plunger. Therefore, this button is ideally suited for players in fighting games requiring fast-twitch reflexes and lengthy combo chains. 

Available in solid black, white, red and other colours upon request.

(Please note: a Sanwa specific screw-in button wrench, manufactured by LayerShift is available)

LayerShift screw button Wrench – Close Quarters Battle Arcade (

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