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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa UL-18/UL-13 adhesive arcade ("Candy cab") wire clamps

Sanwa UL-18/UL-13 adhesive arcade ("Candy cab") wire clamps

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Adhesive plastic wiring management clamps, supplied by Sanwa Denshi.

These wiring clamps are found on the inside control panels and surfaces of most Japanese arcade cabinets, although they are suitable for all arcade cabinets.

These items are perfect for arcade cabinet builds/rebuilds, refurbishment and/or replacement of worn out clamps. 

A strong adhesive surface is exposed under the protective strip which is affixed to the cabinet space where the wiring management needs to occur. A hidden recessed bolt hole can be utilised for extra hold on problematic mounting surfaces.

Sold individually in two sizes:

UL-13 (small), UL-18 (large).

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