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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa Denshi JLX-TPML-8YT-SK variable silent switch joystick

Sanwa Denshi JLX-TPML-8YT-SK variable silent switch joystick

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The newest joystick from Sanwa Denshi is a staggering evolution in gaming technology within the newest generation of JLX levers.

The five (5) position silent variable microswitch is a leaf switch developed by Sanwa Denshi with a new patent (part number MLS-57AU).

Each of the four (4) microswitches (representing the cardinal directions), can be individually tuned for unmatched individual preferences in gameplay types or player characteristics with respect to directional movement. 

The small adjustable dial is easily accessible and is turned with a flathead screwdriver.  However, we strongly suggest using the Murakumo Arts carbon fibre leaf lever adjustment pin for maximum accuracy and nil chance of damage. The switches can be tuned for quicker input timing in +0.15 increments or slower input timing in -0.1 increments (see images for information).

The new silent adjustable microswitches in addition to the following extensive improvements, make for a formidable competitive joystick at the forefront of gaming evolution.

The extensive overall JLX improvements feature the following benefits:

  • The joystick main body/base is now manufactured from polyacetal resin compared to nylon. This equates to this main joystick component being less susceptible to temperature and humidity influences and is therefore more robust and stronger.
  • A thicker metal washer has been created so as to reduce excessive rattling during movement of the shaft.
  • The joystick body has had a further redesign and adjustment of the pivot receptacle shape, which will lead to less rattling compared to the JLF during operation.
  • The new pivot, being previously made of polyacetal resin, has been remade in nylon which produces higher resistance to abrasion and greater movement proficiency for smoother motion.
  • The microswitch PCB, previously manufactured from paper phenol, is now less likely to warp and distort due to being created out of composite epoxy material (CEM-III).
  • The JLX will ship as standard with the white JLF-P-W actuator which is about 0.12mm thicker (0.24mm in diameter) than the usual black JLF actuator JLF-P-5. This white actuator (which is fitted as default to the silent JLF), has a higher stability moulding profile than the black actuator, reducing variations in the accuracy of inputs. Testing with professional E-sports gamers and arcade location tests were generally positive with good serviceability being reported. The new JLF-P-B and JLF-P-R actuators remain compatible. 
  • The JLX has the GT-8X restrictor gate fitted as standard equipment, immediately opening up the ability of modification utilising Sanwa’s own high quality alternate restrictor inserts (GTN-VI, GTN-Y, GTN-R, GTN-B).


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