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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa GTN-XX (GTN-VI, GTN-Y, GTN-R, GTN-B) restrictor gate insert for GT-8X

Sanwa GTN-XX (GTN-VI, GTN-Y, GTN-R, GTN-B) restrictor gate insert for GT-8X

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A selection of colour coded, insertable/removable/re-useable restrictor gate inserts, manufactured by Sanwa Denshi.

Compatible with the dedicated restrictor gate, the GT-8X, these restrictor inserts permit a very wide choice for user preference in joystick movement styles. The GT-8X is compatible with the JLF and many variants (as per below). 

Originally collated into the JLF-C-ALL mod kit from Sanwa, these items are now available as individual pieces for purchase. Features of each insert as per below:

GTN-VI (violet): A round shaped restrictor insert to permit smooth rotation of the joystick. Favoured by some players who use grappler characters in fighting games and fans of side scrolling beat-em ups. 

GTN-Y (yellow): An octagonal shaped insert for easier corner engagement for special move activation and more balanced rotational movement. 

GTN-R (red): A curved corner, square restrictor insert (often referred to as "squircle") that offers an attractive middle ground between traditional movement guides and corner mobility. 

GTN-B (blue): A curved corner, square restrictor insert that also includes ridgelines along the X-axis to permit easier left/right linear movement for charge based characters.

The GT-8X and the associated restrictor inserts are compatible with the following Sanwa joystick variants:




JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK (High tension silent switch variant)

JLFD-TP-8YT (Detachable lever variant)

(Please note: The GTN-XX inserts are NOT compatible with the original JLF restrictor gate).

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