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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa JLF joystick replacement parts (collated)

Sanwa JLF joystick replacement parts (collated)

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Users of the JLF have often requested access to replacement individual parts rather than buying an entirely new joystick.

As a result, this single listing contains a selection of the most usual parts that degrade over time due to heavy usage, to ensure the continued operation of the beloved JLF.

SB3-8 and N-3 mounting plate bolt and nut: A specialised bolt and nut set, supplied by Sanwa Denshi utilised to affix the mounting plate to the body of the joystick (compatible with JLX).

JLF-P-1: flat mount plate (compatible with JLX).

TP-MA PCB assembly: replacement microswitch PCB assembly for the JLF. 

JLF-SP: replacement spring.

JLF-MW: metal washer between spring hat and main body (not compatible with JLX). 

JLF-P-2: main body base for JLF. Ships with a JLF-MW metal washer

JLF-P-4 pivot: a very useful product for refurbishing old/worn out JLF joysticks where a significant amount of friction/wear and tear is concentrated upon the pivot area during regular use (not compatible with JLX).

JLF-P-5: standard JLF actuator.

JLF-P-6: JLF spring hat.

JL-S9F: replacement JLF joystick shaft.

GT-8F: replacement default restrictor gate for JLF.

JLF-E: e-clip for joystick shaft (both JLF and JLX).

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