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Sanwa Denshi

JLFX-CQB-ALL (modification kit for JLF/JLX joystick)

JLFX-CQB-ALL (modification kit for JLF/JLX joystick)

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A full featured modification kit for the Sanwa JLF joystick, manufactured by Sanwa Denshi, collated by CQB Arcade.

The originally released JLF modification kit (JL-C-ALL) was a product with a short release window and is now discontinued. In addition, that modification kit has made way for the individual sale of parts from Sanwa which were originally included in the kit. 

Due to consistent demand, we have collated the entire spread of parts for the JL-C-ALL into a convenient package for those users wishing to purchase a kit that will allow identical modification potential for their JLF such as what was offered by Sanwa and the sorely missed JL-C-ALL kit. This kit represents an approximate 15% overall cost saving versus the separate purchase of the individual parts.

As a special feature of this release - This CQB collated mod kit will ship with an authorized "TUNED JLF" foil sticker, made with permission from Sanwa Denshi by Murakumo Arts. 

This mod kit contains all authentic Sanwa parts which are colour coded for easier identification whilst the joystick is disassembled. The kit allows the user to easily tune the JLF to the particular feel and performance they are searching for, specific to their needs for a game or game genre. This kit is also highly relevant in the refresh of a heavily used JLF stick.

Included in the kit are the following parts:

- restrictor plate + 4 types of restrictor inserts (2 x squared circle, 1 x octogonal, 1 x round)

- four (4) actuators (15.8mm standard, 16.2mm, 16.45mm, 16.7mm)

- four (4) different tension, coloured springs (1lb standard, 1.3lb, 1.5lb, 2lbs)

- five (5) E-rings

This modification kit will fit the following Sanwa JLF and JLX models;

(New) JLX-TP-8Y-SK





JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK (High tension silent switch variant)

JLFD-TP-8YT (Detachable lever variant)


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