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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK High tension/silent joystick

Sanwa JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK High tension/silent joystick

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This JLF variant offers silent operation with increased, crisper tension over a regular JLF and longer microswitch life.

A higher repulsive force in the general movement of this joystick is attributed to a different microswitch with a stronger spring inside. In operation, when engagement of the microswitch occurs, users can expect a greater rebound and therefore a swifter return to neutral. The difference in feeling from a regular JLF is not immense, so users will have little to no learning curve with this joystick.

The microswitch life has improved by a factor of approximately five (5) times due to the implementation of a reed switch.

Easily noticeable is the blue coloured restrictor gate, specific only to this joystick, which is a single moulded piece. This specialized restrictor has been added to eliminate any actual or perceived vibration in the original JLF restrictor plate and gate insert. Therefore, this joystick has a default square gate, though users can separately opt for a JLF “octogate” (GT-Y) should they wish to do so.

(Note: this joystick ships with a dust washer and shaft cover included)

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