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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa JLX joystick replacement parts (collated)

Sanwa JLX joystick replacement parts (collated)

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With the recent advent of the new JLX lever, there has been heavy incorporation of this product into the wider gaming community. As a result of this implementation, users of the JLX are now requesting access to replacement individual parts rather than buying an entirely new joystick.

As a result, this single listing contains a selection of the most usual parts that degrade over time due to heavy usage, to ensure the continued operation of the JLX, Sanwa Denshi's newest joystick and eventual replacement to the JLF.

XTP-MA PCB assembly: replacement microswitch PCB assembly for the JLX (XTP-MA). The XTP-MA is compatible with the JLF.

JLX-MW: metal washer between spring hat and main body (not compatible with JLF).

JLX-P-4 pivot: A very useful product for refurbishing old/worn out JLX joysticks where a significant amount of friction/wear and tear is concentrated upon the pivot area during regular use (not compatible with JLF).

JLF-P-W: standard JLX actuator, also compatible with the JLF for slightly increased actuation response.

GT-8X: replacement default restrictor gate for JLX. Features easily interchangeable gate inserts (GTN-x)

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