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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa OBSM-30A button plunger hole plug

Sanwa OBSM-30A button plunger hole plug

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A plastic constructed button plunger hole plug for 30mm pushbuttons, manufactured by Sanwa. 

This item provides an alternative solution to the potentially time consuming process of removing the entire button and wiring from a control panel and then using a hole plug. This product allows the user to leave the button and associated wiring in place and remove, just the pushbutton plunger.

Once the plunger is removed, this product gets snapped into the top of the pushbutton, preventing activation of the microswitch.

Therefore, users wanting to temporarily “delete” a button/s from a control panel don’t have to embark on a button removal task and also avoid a full panel change or permanent alteration to an existing panel.

Available in Black colour only.

This is a discontinued item and is in limited quantities, with no guarantee of restocks. 

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