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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa PM3 Digital Multimeter

Sanwa PM3 Digital Multimeter

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A small form factor digital multimeter from Sanwa, imported directly from Japan.

This device is a "pocket" multimeter that measures voltage, ohms and capacitance and detects continuity. 

The product features a grey slip-case protector, integrated probes and a manual printed in English. 

The rotary switch is slim lined and easy to turn with few selections to avoid confusion. There are high visibility buttons for maximum ease of use for beginners, as well as quick reference for experienced modders.

The display is large and visible at a glance and future maintenance of the device (ie. replacing the battery) is easily performed with the removal of just one screw. 

This multimeter deserves a place in every gamers toolbox to ensure electrical safety and confirmation of operation. Due to the collection of features and compact size, this multimeter is perfect for small workbenches and can easily fit into a bag or pocket to accompany gamers at local FGC comps. 

Sold in brand new and sealed, retail packaging. 

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