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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa SW-68CAU2 low profile double tension microswitch w/harness (68CAU-G)

Sanwa SW-68CAU2 low profile double tension microswitch w/harness (68CAU-G)

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A low profile, push button microswitch and wiring harness manufactured by Sanwa.

This innovative microswitch and wiring combination is utilised where clearance for the push button terminals is minimal in certain shallow arcade stick builds and cabinets.

The SW-68CAU2 microswitch is approximately 2x the tension as the original Sanwa switch, the SW-68CAU. In operation, users can expect a similar resistance to the standard Seimitsu push button microswitch. This type of push button resistance is invaluable to prevent accidental inputs or for those who prefer less button sensitivity for their specific playstyle. Additionally, some users who like to rest their fingers on the push button plunger can inadvertently activate the standard strength Sanwa microswitch.

With this combination kit, users can maintain the Sanwa push button performance whilst having a higher force required to engage the switch.

The microswitch terminal is a locking mechanism JST connector (with gold plating) that the wiring harness is attached to. This ensures the usual 13mm of clearance below the microswitch housing is no longer required once this kit is installed. 

In the past, users have opted to bend and fold the push button terminals flat to prevent components rubbing onto the structure or case. This combination kit addresses this problem of low clearance in a professional and clean solution, whilst adding push button tension in the form of the SW-68CAU2 microswitch.  

Users will have to remove the original microswitch of the Sanwa pushbutton to install the low profile SW-68CAU2 switch and harness (68CAU-G).

This product listing is for one (1) low profile microswitch with one (1) matching wiring harness. (ie. to populate a full arcade stick or cabinet, users will be required to purchase a kit for each push button). Please check the below list of compatible push buttons for this kit - 

Compatible push buttons:





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