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Seimitsu 40th Anniversary LS-32-01-MS-E joystick [Limited Edition]

Seimitsu 40th Anniversary LS-32-01-MS-E joystick [Limited Edition]

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A commemorative, fully functional LS-32-01 joystick to celebrate Seimitsu. Co. 40 years in the amusement and arcade business. Released in 2020.

This product includes the following items:

  • Limited Edition joystick designated LS-32-01-MS-E.
  • A one off balltop featuring a printed gold Seimitsu logo.
  • Three (3) types of gold coloured shafts (-4mm, +4mm, +8mm).
  • Two (2) replacement springs of different tension (in addition to the stock spring)
  • Two (2) dust covers (ie. one extra)
  • A round main guide only.
  • One (1) extra e-ring retainer.

Additionally, this product has the following features:

  • The LS-32-01-MS-E is not available anywhere else within the Seimitsu parts catalogue.
  • A special green MS P-50 mounting plate and white Anniversary printed foil gold leaf balltop are included, not available anywhere else in the Seimitsu catalogue.
  • Gold coloured shafts of different lengths are unique to this set.
  • This joystick utilises an e-ring versus a c-clip.
  • Presented in sealed 40th anniversary manufacturer retail box containing stickers.

This product is a worldwide Limited Edition that is now out of production.

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