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Seimitsu Alutimo SSPS-30N (30mm) pushbutton

Seimitsu Alutimo SSPS-30N (30mm) pushbutton

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An enthusiast screw-in 30mm pushbutton fitted with a speed silver MX Cherry switch, manufactured by Seimitsu.

The meteoric rise in popularity of the Cherry keyboard MX switch pushbuttons has been ongoing and in lock step with the Tekken craze. The MX Silver switch is considered to be a dependable and well-rounded choice for most users of pushbuttons for fighting games. 

With that in mind, the Alutimo has been designed to perform admirably "straight out of the box" by default. The pushbutton does however have a deep and viable modding flexibility to explore for fine tuning the pushbutton characteristics.

Should the user wish to pursue varieties of actuation points with the MX Silver switch, they can opt to install 1mm and 0.2mm shims (spacers) individually or in combination to find the perfect feel/response for their game and/or playstyle (Alutimo switch push out tool and shims available separately. Tweezers are also highly recommended. Full mod guide to be made available soon).

Importantly, the Alutimo pushbutton has a 1mm shim installed from the factory. This feature alone sets the Alutimo button apart from all other MX switch pushbuttons on the market. This design choice mitigates the -0.6mm to +0.6mm (total 1.2mm) movement error tolerance inherent to the Cherry MX Silver switch (two different silver switches for example, might have very different tolerances and therefore respond unevenly).

As a result, the Alutimo will perform more predictably than other MX switch pushbuttons and reduce missed and/or accidental press occurrences. 

When tuning the Alutimo pushbutton utilising shims, users can target a wide variety of response, rebound and feel from the MX Silver switch. For example, a higher sensitivity response can be achieved using 2 x 1mm shims to replicate the MX Red or Blue switch characteristics (A full chart of actuation points and operating forces for the MX switch can be found soon in the FAQ section of this website).

Placing the modding choices in the hands of the user, the Alutimo is the next logical evolution of the MX switch pushbutton category, suiting casual gamers seeking a ready-made professional pushbutton and the discerning modder chasing the ultimate performance.

More colours upon request.

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