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Seimitsu LB-35BM-X ball top (TORTOISE SHELL) [Limited Edition]

Seimitsu LB-35BM-X ball top (TORTOISE SHELL) [Limited Edition]

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A "marble" style coloured ball top in 35mm diameter sizing, manufactured by Seimitsu. Co.

Each of these ball tops has its own unique individual colour mix making no two balltops alike. This product utilises multiple protective clear coatings for a high gloss finish and resilience against scratches or other damage.

(The TORTOISE SHELL balltop can be colour matched to the PSB-14-GN and DN TORTOISE SHELL push buttons AND the LS-32-SFT-BM painted shafts).

 These ball tops are a worldwide limited edition with a very short production run.

Sold in new sealed, retail packaging.

(note: Sanwa and Seimitsu ball tops are interchangeable between their respective joysticks) 

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