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Seimitsu Lever ball strap braid/chain

Seimitsu Lever ball strap braid/chain

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An official accessory for decorative display of Seimitsu balltops, manufactured by Seimitsu. Co.

This braided strap is available in multiple colours and is carefully hand-made in Japan, exhibiting quality workmanship and durability.

The ball chain version displays a simple recognisable design but functions the same as the braided version.

Considering the vast colour range present in the Seimitsu ball top catalogue, these accessories will allow individuality and personality to be firmly on display for the user. Common locations for display include key rings, bags, backpacks and purses.

The user could choose to populate this strap with parts purchased deliberately for full-time presentation or, utilise leftover parts from customisation projects.

These accessories from Seimitsu represent a celebration of the fighting game communities and general arcade culture.

(Note: Compatible with any M6 threaded ball top. This listing does not include any arcade parts, they must be purchased separately and/or provided by the user)

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