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Seimitsu LS-32-MB metal bearing pivot

Seimitsu LS-32-MB metal bearing pivot

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A stainless steel pivot replacement for the LS-32 and LS-32-01 joystick, manufactured by Seimitsu. Co.

The standard pivot in a LS-32 and LS-32-01 is a resin moulded item. By replacing the resin version with this stainless steel version, users can expect easier directional characteristics in the LS-32's due to the lower friction. 

Pivots will greatly influence the feel of a joystick in general. The LS-32-MB metal pivots are now being offered as an alternative for users seeking incredibly smoother motion whilst experiencing the advantage of having feedback of the microswitch activation in the ball top.

Note: Seimitsu. Co. recommend regular maintenance is carried out in the form of Shin-Etsu G-501 grease being applied to the LS-32-MB. 

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