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Seimitsu LS-32SFT-4 shaft kit

Seimitsu LS-32SFT-4 shaft kit

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A pack of four (4) replacement joystick shafts for the LS-32 and LS-38, manufactured by Seimitsu.

The standard shaft length of the LS-32 is 30.4mm. This kit provides one (1) shorter length variant at 26.4mm and three (3) longer variants of 33.4mm, 36.4mm and 39.4mm.

This kit is a valuable accessory for tuning a preferred playstyle setup by having multiple shaft lengths immediately available for switching.  

Includes an e-ring and sold in sealed, retail packaging.

Compatible joysticks: LS-32, LS-32-SC (shaft cover will not fit however), LS-32-01, LS-32-01-SC (shaft cover will not fit however), LS-32-01-SUS, LS-38, LS-38-SC (shaft cover will not fit however), LS-38-01

This item is a discontinued Seimitsu product, now in very limited quantities with no guarantee of restocks.

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