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Seimitsu LS-38-01 Joystick

Seimitsu LS-38-01 Joystick

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An uncommon Seimitsu joystick within the product catalogue, favoured by players preferring tight accuracy and response characteristics. 

This joystick shares part commonality with the LS-32 in almost all aspects, except for the spring. 

In that regard, the spring is what sets this joystick apart from any others. The LS-38 spring is a thicker coil and more compressed example found only in this joystick and is among the heavier resistance springs available from Seimitsu. This leads to a confident and reassuring shaft movement.

Because the joystick resembles an LS-32, most users refer to this joystick as a sleeper and enjoy the standard looking appearance with impressive performance underneath. 

Ships with an SS mount plate. Other plates available separately. 

This version is the 5-pin PCB variant (ie. generally for arcade stick and fightstick applications). 

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