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Seimitsu LS-40D-01 joystick (High-performance lubricant model)

Seimitsu LS-40D-01 joystick (High-performance lubricant model)

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This Seimitsu joystick uses a Harves high-performance “dry surf” lubricant instead of the regular silicone grease and is factory fitted with a clear shaft cover.

The basic components of a regular LS-40-01 are present in this joystick, however the benefit of using the “dry surf” lubricant equates to the general smoother moving motion across all directions for unprecedented mobility.

In addition, the high-performance lubricant significantly boosts the pivot durability lasting approximately five (5) times longer than silicone grease.

An added benefit is this lubricant won’t stick to your hands if you happen to touch it during installation and/or customising.

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