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Seimitsu LS-62-01 (compact) joystick

Seimitsu LS-62-01 (compact) joystick

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This compact form joystick has proven to be of significant benefit to users searching for a product that harmonizes great features from a wide range of other joysticks in the Seimitsu product line. In addition, there is a large cross section of gamers who prefer smaller joysticks and previously, opting for a modified smaller joystick meant sacrificing many features. Not so in this case:

The most notable observation on the LS-62-01 is the short shaft which measures at 8mm shorter than the standard length LS-56-01 shaft, however has the same shaft thickness of the LS-32-01. The addition of a LS-56 octagonal gate fitted from factory, enhances an already formidable combination of advantages.

Users will immediately notice the spring is softer than most Seimitsu springs (it is the same version as fitted into the LS-60) and the combination of the aforementioned features, leads to a joystick that has high precision and fundamentally behaves with slightly more resistance in overall movements than a LS-56. The decision to adopt a LS-32 thickness of shaft maximises grip and enhances modification potential with aftermarket dustwashers. 

The LS-62-01 is a popular joystick in the Seimitsu product line-up due in part to the growing popularity of compact sized fightsticks and bartop arcade cabinets. Overall, smaller form factor gaming options are becoming increasingly widespread nowadays.

This joystick will also prove beneficial for shmup enthusiasts wanting a compact alternative/competitor to the LS-56.

(Note: joystick is fitted with a P-40 SS mounting plate)

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