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Seimitsu LSH-56-01 joystick (irregular spring variant) [Limited Edition]

Seimitsu LSH-56-01 joystick (irregular spring variant) [Limited Edition]

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This Seimitsu joystick variant offers many options over and adjacent to the regular LS-56-01 joystick to enhance gameplay performance.

Firstly, a dedicated spring is fitted by default which has dual characteristics (return emphasis or input emphasis**) that can be chosen by the user. To achieve this variability, the spring is tightly coiled at one end and widely spaced at the other, hence irregular. From the factory, the spring is set to emphasise the return characteristics of the shaft. The difference between both spring orientations will be noticeable but also understated.

A dedicated actuator is used to facilitate both spring orientations for correct microswitch engagement and by default, this joystick variant is fitted with an octagonal restrictor gate and clear shaft cover.

This joystick is a worldwide limited edition with a very short production run (<2000 units).

(** Return emphasis relates to increasing the speed at which the shaft returns to centre. Input emphasis will engage directions faster and therefore increase the speed of inputs)

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