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Seimitsu LSQ-40 joystick (Silent variant joystick)

Seimitsu LSQ-40 joystick (Silent variant joystick)

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This specialized Seimitsu joystick offers a dedicated shaft, spring, actuator and restrictor gate to enable a silent function, yet retains all the great qualities of a regular LS-40.

The change to the silent microswitch necessitated the inclusion of a larger actuator to maintain early engagement and a short throw.

A hybrid square-circle restrictor gate is standard on this joystick variant which allows for smoother circular movements whilst maintaining good corner feel.

The different shaft featured on this silent variant is not compatible with shaft cover/dust washer sets for regular LS-40’s. Users will have to opt for dust washers such as the “Wagara” Traditional Japanese Design (TJD) product.

(Note: This joystick comes standard with the MS-P50 mount plate and will require a .187 to 5-pin harness if the application uses a 5-pin connector for controls, commonly found in most fightsticks)

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