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Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01-PRO Joystick (+STD guide kit)

Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01-PRO Joystick (+STD guide kit)

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A premium quality, specially designed PRO variant joystick manufactured by Seimitsu, supervised by professional Tekken player Mr. Nakayama "Nobi" Daichi (Tekken EVO Champion 2015). Included is the NOBI STD restrictor gate.

This PRO variant of the LSX joystick has been adjusted to the specs that Mr. "Nobi" himself uses. 

This truly innovative joystick has the following key design features and characteristics:

Dedicated "Bullet" type lever top (reminiscent of an automotive gear shifter).

Non-rotatable, custom length, fixed shaft with black nickel plated finish.

Dedicated green lettered styled mounting plate (MS P-50) for Viewlix cabinets. 

Additional PRO features;

Specially designed octagonal restrictor gate (for smoother transition across corners). 

Higher tension and denser spring (subjective feel of approximately 2.5lb).

Important note: 

Previously, the unique NOBI restrictor gates were matched specifically to a particular NOBI model (octagonal for PRO, squared circle for STD).

Following customer feedback, Seimitsu has now updated the NOBI joystick product line. The listing now includes the alternate restrictor packaged inside, allowing the user to have the option of utilising both restrictor gates, regardless of the variant NOBI joystick they wish to purchase.

Exclusively sold in manufacturer sealed and boxed retail packaging.

(Seimitsu instructions within digital code contained in attached image).

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