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Seimitsu MM9-3 spring for push button (0.13N tension)

Seimitsu MM9-3 spring for push button (0.13N tension)

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A heavier tensioned, add-on push button spring, manufactured by Seimitsu.

This particular spring is the 0.13N tensioned version which first appeared in the PS-14-K-HORO holographic button. The marginally heavier feel, higher responsiveness and increased rebound characteristics of this button were praised by users, adding to the overall appeal and status of this limited edition push button.

This spring is approximately 13% heavier than a standard PS-14-K push button spring.

As a result of the positive user feedback, Seimitsu have offered this push button spring for individual sale, as currently, this spring is only available by default within the holographic button and TORTOISESHELL snap-in product lines (PS-14-K-HORO and PSB-14-K respectively). 

Adding/swapping and replacing push button springs is very useful for individual preference and/or higher level play - fine tuning button characteristics to influence rebound of a button can assist with frame perfect execution of certain movesets within a game.

This spring is compatible with the following Seimitsu push button products lines:

PS-14-Dx, PS-14-K and PS-15.

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