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Seimitsu MM9-3 spring for push button (0.25N tension)

Seimitsu MM9-3 spring for push button (0.25N tension)

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A heavier tensioned, add-on push button spring, manufactured by Seimitsu.

This particular spring is the 0.25N tensioned version which is accompanied by Seimitsu to specific lines of the PS-14-K and KN push button products.

This spring is approximately 25% heavier than a standard PS-14-K push button spring.

Accessibility of this spring being a stand alone product allows users to enhance the tension of a button that is not usually pre-sold with this spring installed (Note: the full compatibility list at the bottom of this page).

Adding/swapping and replacing push button springs is very useful for individual preference and/or higher level play - fine tuning button characteristics to influence rebound of a button can assist with frame perfect execution of certain movesets within a game. This spring also represents a perfect accessory for aggressive players or heavy-handed users who want the most tension and rebound out of their setups.

This spring is compatible with the following Seimitsu push button products lines:

PS-14-Dx, PS-14-K and PS-15 push buttons.

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