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Seimitsu NT-SFT-SML-LS adjustable height shaft for LS-56/58/60/62 joystick

Seimitsu NT-SFT-SML-LS adjustable height shaft for LS-56/58/60/62 joystick

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A chrome plated adjustable height shaft, manufactured by Seimitsu.

This new NT series of shaft products from Seimitsu follow from the wide success of the adjustable shaft for the NOBI joysticks product line. The simplicity of this innovative product is currently unmatched due to variability offered in shaft height options provided to the user.

By replacing the standard shaft of an LS-56/58/60/62 with this product, the user can make the effective height -3mm or -6mm shorter.

In addition, by combining the LS-32 extension (SM-LJ-32) and/or the 2mm variant washer (NTWS-2) users can create many long and short variations to the shaft height for unprecedented options in joystick tuning.

Sold in sealed manufacturer packaging (includes – 1 x shaft, 1 x washer nut, 2 x 3mm washer spacers, 1 x e-ring).

Compatible with the following joystick models:

****(Note: LS-32-SC dust washer variants can also be used with this product, however the shaft cover cannot be used due to the extra thickness of the shaft).****

(Note: Seimitsu wishes to advise caution in adding more than 9mm to the shaft as the strength is significantly reduced and damage may occur).

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