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Seimitsu "SS" & "SE" P-40 mounting plate

Seimitsu "SS" & "SE" P-40 mounting plate

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This mounting plate is utilised for the Seimitsu LS-56-01 and LS-58-01 joysticks.

Available in SE (flat mount) and SS (staggered) configurations.

The P-40 plate represents a highly versatile mounting solution for thicker control panels where the SS variant is ideal to maintain reasonable shaft height. In addition, the flat mount plate is suitable for a range of Hori, Qanba and Madcatz legacy fightsticks.

Fightstick SE plate compatibility: HRAP 3 SA/SE, HRAP V3/VA SA, HRAP and licensed HRAPs, QANBA Q4RAF, Madcatz TE

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