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Seimitsu PSB-14-K Push button (TORTOISE SHELL)

Seimitsu PSB-14-K Push button (TORTOISE SHELL)

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A smoke coloured transparent body, "marble" style coloured, snap-in pushbutton in 30mm diameter, manufactured by Seimitsu.

A newly released product line from Seimitsu displaying a variety of unique colour mixed marble hues available for all applications, themes and creativity.

This variant features the widely applauded 0.13N strength button spring which was first released with the holographic PS-14-K-HORO button. The spring provides a slightly heavier feeling initial touch, yet rebounds very quickly after being pressed. 

This product can be coloured matched to the LB-35BM-X TORTOISE SHELL balltop, LS-32-SFT-BM TORTOISE SHELL shaft AND the PSB-14-DN push buttons.

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