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Seimitsu PS-14HH-XX holofoil push button

Seimitsu PS-14HH-XX holofoil push button

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A holographic foil (holofoil) pushbutton in 30mm diameter, manufactured by Seimitsu.

The latest product from Seimitsu follows the success of the previous holographic patterned pushbutton line PS-14-K-HORO. These new pushbuttons feature a transcribed holographic foil on the button plunger that reacts vividly with direct and indirect light forming a rainbow like sparkling effect.

The holographic foil is integrated with the plastic using a heating process, which maintains the usual seamless surface for the user to press, whilst also making the foil very resistant to wear and tear.

Many vibrant colours are available for enhancing the visual impact of arcade cabinets and fightsticks. This new product line takes advantage of the famous Seimitsu button "feel" and simultaneously encourages creativity and expression.

Please take note of the various descriptions related to colour and fastening type when ordering.

(Note: Seimitsu wish to warn customers against using alcohol based products of any kind to clean these buttons as the foil will significantly degrade and separate).

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