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Seimitsu SELS-70X-S (silent type) joystick

Seimitsu SELS-70X-S (silent type) joystick

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The newest release joystick from Seimitsu has a very impressive list of game enhancing, quality of life and installation features which will appeal to fans of the LS-56 and shmup players generally.

From the outset, a non-rotatable shaft has been designed exclusively for this joystick, which adheres to the blueprint of gameplay enhancing characteristics requested by champion Tekken player Nobi. The shaft itself is an NT removable type, therefore users will benefit from the height adjustment features. Additionally, this means the shaft (and balltop) can be removed for safe storage if needed. The spring utilised in the SELS has also been designed for stopping rotation and is approximately 20% harder than a standard LS-56 spring.

Seimitsu has utilised the silent OMRON D2RV-L11 microswitches to achieve a significantly reduced noise profile result for this SELS silent joystick variant.

A specially made metal pivot is fitted by default for the SELS joystick, forming part of the mechanical rotation prevention and leading to smoother directional motions for the user due to the known beneficial friction characteristics. A dedicated octagonal restrictor gate, similar to the NOBI style, is another default fitted feature of this joystick, assisting motion in corners and circular movements which are crucial for positioning and iterative placement in shmups.    

The joystick has an approximate 3.56mm shorter height under base profile than a standard LS-56-01, helping problematic installation circumstances where every saving in space matters.

[Included with this joystick in very limited numbers- Foil gold or red leaf Seimitsu white balltops are offered as a gift from Seimitsu with this product and not for sale individually and not produced as a regular product lineup. Please email you colour preference after ordering.] Foil gold is only available at this moment. Red is out of stock.

Please note: this joystick is a .187 fastener type and will require a conversion harness for installations using a 5-pin wiring scheme (sold seperately). 

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