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SENJO E-Sports wooden Balltop

SENJO E-Sports wooden Balltop

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A hand crafted premium 35mm wooden balltop, manufactured for the professional E-Sports team GEKOKUJO (based in Gifu prefecture, Japan).


The GEKOKUJO Team have high level players within the E-Sports Virtua Fighter and Tekken global Divisions.

Recently the GEKOKUJO Team established an original brand, SENJO, for E-Sports based product development using the opinions of professional E-Sports players. The aim was to create a product that would absolutely reassure players the item they were using had been verified to an ultimate standard, fit for purpose during professional E-Sports competitions. 


The mountainous countryside in Gifu is home to some of Japans most highest quality wood such as cypress and zelkova. The balltops begin creation inside the prefecture from these woods before being crafted and processed using locally employed talent.


  • This balltop has natural weight saving abilities due to the careful wood construction. For example, the zelkova balltop weighs 16 grams, the cypress balltop weighs 13 grams. In contrast, the KDiT aluminium balltop is 58 grams, the Sanwa LB-35 balltop is 27grams.
  • The user will feel the microswitch activation feedback through the balltop due to the natural rigidity and extreme lightness of the wood.
  • The non-smooth surface of the balltop provides unrivalled grip and control.
  • The natural zelkova and cypress wood properties provide high resistance to dirt, sweat, moisture and damage.

The combination of GEKOKUJO’s involvement in E-sports product development with the selection of high quality wood and custom manufacturing in Gifu prefecture, causes the resultant premium SENJO balltop to assist in reducing the deflection and rebound of the shaft past neutral and permits delicate operation with a high degree of accuracy.

Exclusively sold by CQB Arcade for the AUS/South Pacific markets.

 (Note: These balltops are compatible with both Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks)

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