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Shin Etsu

(Container of) Shin-Etsu silicon grease (G-501 for Seimitsu joysticks)

(Container of) Shin-Etsu silicon grease (G-501 for Seimitsu joysticks)

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Shin-Etsu grease is sold only in a large tube which for most regular enthusiasts, is significantly more than they will ever need (see display purpose picture). 

To address this problem, we offer a small vial of manufacturer specific Shin-Etsu silicone grease for maintenance of the Seimitsu family of joysticks (designated G-501).

The vial will contain enough grease to lubricate approximately seven (7) Seimitsu joysticks.

**As of late 2023 - Seimitsu have decided to partner with ShinEtsu and create pre-packaged portions of grease for retail sale. These are now available on our website here --->**

 ShinEtsu+Seimitsu G501 Silicone grease (10g container) for Seimitsu jo – Close Quarters Battle Arcade (

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