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Bit Bang Gaming

Bit Bang Gaming Shuriken Korean PCB

Bit Bang Gaming Shuriken Korean PCB

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This is an aluminium core, high strength PCB allowing after market microswitches to be used on a wide range of Korean joysticks (full compatibility list below).

Since this product is a drop-in replacement to the entire OEM microswitch assembly users can opt to implement the Korean Shuriken in a number of different scenarios.  For instance;

  • As an easier way to replace faulty or worn out individual microswitches, rather than having to de-solder the original PCB or throw out the entire PCB which may still have good functioning switches.
  • As a method of allowing greater access to aftermarket and different tension microswitches for individual tuning and competitive play support.
  • To greatly reduce excess wiring that can be common with some Korean lever custom builds.

The Shuriken provides an easy drop-in replacement, requiring no soldering or electronic expertise whatsoever. For user friendly operation, the Korean Shuriken has labels on the switch receptacles to assist with identification of direction actions. In addition, the design utilises a more predictable mechanical installation which achieves a more uniform press down on all the switch bodies, eliminating tilt found on some Korean levers.

The Korean Shuriken accepts .187 fastener type levered microswitches from the Omron V and Gersung GSM-V series, permitting user preference of switches at a wide range of operating forces.

Importantly so, the Korean Shuriken still utilises the standard 5 pin connector to attach to wiring harnesses, eliminating the need for any special adapters.

Compatible joysticks; ASI Golden Lever, Cool Bear Lever, Coorejam V2, Crown 303A/FK, Crown 303N, Crown 303 (Crazy Dongpal), Crown 309 (Helpme), Crown 309MJ-Benylis, Crown 309MJ-KMS-ST25&ST35, Crown 309FJ-KMS-ST25&ST35, IST Alpha 49s, IST Fujin V3, IST Knee Lever, Myoungshin Fanta (pre-2019&2019, late 2020), Sanjuks V5, V5C, V6, Taeyoung Fanta

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