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Sanwa Denshi

Sanwa Denshi Strap-kit for Sanwa OBSF push buttons (30mm)

Sanwa Denshi Strap-kit for Sanwa OBSF push buttons (30mm)

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An official accessory for decorative display of OBSF pushbuttons, manufactured by Sanwa Denshi.

This simple yet ingenuitive plastic retainer and strap kit allows you to hang/affix a OBSF pushbutton to a visible location. Considering the vast colour range present in the Sanwa pushbutton catalogue, this accessory will allow individuality and personality to be firmly on display for the user.

The user could choose to populate this strap with parts purchased deliberately for full-time presentation or, utilise leftover parts from customisation projects.

This accessory from Sanwa represents a celebration of the fighting game communities and general arcade culture.

Available in 30mm size.

(Sanwa Denshi wishes to warn customers of potential damage caused to any surface where the pushbutton terminals may rub against. Please be careful and please be mindful where you hang/affix this accessory)

(Note: Compatible with any 30mm snap-in pushbutton. This listing does not include any arcade parts, they must be purchased separately and/or provided by the user)


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