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The "Fightstick Buddy" custom arcade/fightstick ruler

The "Fightstick Buddy" custom arcade/fightstick ruler

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A custom accessory tool for the fighting game and arcade community, designed by creator, TheTrain.

This innovative ruler has all the most important elements of arcade and fightstick modification/repair on one easy to read tool.

This product is a lifesaver for expert tinkerers and modders who need crucial information at their fingertips in a small form factor. Additionally, this ruler provides an easy transition for beginners to expand their knowledge and increase modding confidence.

The Fightstick Buddy ruler has the following measurements/features: 

5-pin joystick connector schematic.

20-pin fighting board PCB wiring harness schematic.

Metric and imperial line edge measurements.

Physical 1:1 reference of the following categories:

  • M series bolt sizes.
  • Japanese connector spacing (w/metric).
  • Wire gauge thickness.
  • Push button/joystick fastener terminal sizing (metric/imperial).

One of the best community created projects yet seen in 2022, this product has a place in every arcade and fighting game players toolbox.  

Three (3) styles available.

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